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Sensitivity Is a Strength!

Many people view sensitivity as a sign of "weakness" but I beg to differ. Sensitivity is a sign of awareness to self and others. It shows compassion (something that this world definitely needs more of), bravery, and it becomes the sole catalyst for taking action in the need for justice and good moral.

Highly sensitive people tend to develop an ability of response instead of reaction, because in many various cases, reactions without the proper response can potentially result negatively.

People that are blessed with this super power, turn out to be the revolutionists, philanthropists, humanitarians, doctors, motivational speakers, therapists, holistic healers, and the list goes on!

So in my eyes, when people are labeled "sensitive" in demeaning undertones, it is actually a compliment, even if that wasn't the initial intention.

It is okay to be sensitive! You are exactly what this world needs!

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