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Positive Morning Affirmations (Set Your Intentions)

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

  1. Today Will Be a Great Day.

  2. Today Will Be Filled with Infinite Possibilities.

  3. I Feel Good.

  4. I am Fully Present and Alive.

  5. I appreciate Everything that is Good.

  6. I am Surrounded by All that is Good.

  7. I feel Abundant.

  8. My Day Will Be Prosperous.

  9. My Heart is Open and Ready to Receive.

  10. I am Joyful.

  11. My Creativity is Limitless.

  12. I am Authentic.

  13. Today is Already a Good Day.

  14. I am Healthy and Strong.

  15. I am Confident.

  16. I am Comfortable With Who I Am.

  17. I am Thankful For All That Is Good.

  18. I will Find Joy in Life.

  19. I will Continuously Seek Opportunities.

  20. I feel Optimistic and Radiate Positivity!

  21. I will Accomplish a Goal!


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