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Positive Afternoon Affirmations (Take a breather!)

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

  1. I am Reconnecting with Myself.

  2. My choices will Align with My Values.

  3. I am Worthy.

  4. I am Deserving of All that is Good.

  5. My Coping Outlets are Healthy.

  6. I will Adapt and Adjust.

  7. I Trust that Something Great will Happen!

  8. I Completely Accept Myself for all that I am.

  9. My Actions will Create Prosperity.

  10. I am in Full Control of my Thoughts.

  11. I Choose to Respond Positively in All Situations.

  12. I am Patient.

  13. I Create my Life's Path.

  14. I am in Full Control of my Decisions.

  15. I Choose to be Happy.

  16. I will Let Go of what I Cannot Control.

  17. Many Things will Work in My Favor.

  18. I will Let Go of All Negativity in Mind.

  19. I will Maintain Good Health.

  20. I will Release All Blockages in My Mind Body and Spirit.

  21. My Strength Over Powers my Struggles.


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