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My Passion for Health and Holistic Writing (From the Roots Tab)

For years, I have served in helpful roles as a holistic health enthusiast and provider. Those roles have influenced me to own them with deeper intention. I have personally experienced the positive impact of implementing lifestyle changes and gained the approach to holistic living in the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects. Through gained knowledge and direct experience, my mission is to provide an influential motive for encouraging others to succeed in a holistic way of living.

Additional facts about me and my background:

-Personally have been writing since I was a child. I wrote short stories, poetry, and dream journaling. I've always done it for fun, but never actually published my works. I've recently taken a more serious approach to writing because I've realized that it is a deeper passion than just a mere hobby.


-Associates of Applied Science in Health Sciences from American Military University/APUS.

-Bachelors in Public Health (Emphasis in Health Promotion) from American Military University.

  1. Working on applying to Grad School but trying to decide between MPH (Health Promotion) or MPH (Science and Health Writing). "Suggestions would be great!"

-United States Navy Corpsman currently at 9 years. (The most decorated rate in the Navy).

-Holistic Herbalist (2 years of experience) & hope to someday start a business.

-Health and Wellness Advisor (3 years of experience).

- DOD Sexual Assault Victim Advocate (6 years of experience).

-Freelance Writer

OAN: I am constantly progressing through knowledge and experience. My journey of conscious empowerment is constant and everlasting. Although humbling in nature, self-development and assisting others through their breakthrough has been the best experiences I have had the pleasure of gaining.

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