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Evening Positive Affirmations (Let's End the Day Right!)

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

  1. I am Relaxed.

  2. My day was Productive and Progressive.

  3. I Acknowledge any mistakes made today and Learned from them.

  4. I will Continue to Manifest all of My Desires.

  5. I am Without Judgement or Feelings of Shame.

  6. Each breath that I Inhale will bring Rejuvenation to My Body and Spirit.

  7. Each breath that I Exhale will Release all of my Problems.

  8. My Body will Recharge through my Slumber.

  9. Tomorrow will be a New Day for Countless Opportunities.

  10. I am Grateful.

  11. I am in Charge of all my Thoughts.

  12. My Subconscious Mind is Peaceful.

  13. My Dreams will become my Reality.

  14. I am at Peace with Myself.

  15. I am at Peace with Spirit.

  16. I am at Peace with the Universe.

  17. I Believe things will Always work out.

  18. I choose to Free Myself of everything not Aligned with My Purpose.

  19. My mind is Calm and Clear of any Negative Thoughts.

  20. I look forward to a Peaceful Sleep.

  21. I am Ready for Tomorrow.


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